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Moeller: Lawrence Handed the Keys as Jaguars Get Preseason Win in Dallas

Urban Meyer finally made it official. Trevor Lawrence justified it.

Meyer handed over the keys of the franchise to Trevor Lawrence. It was all his with Gardner Minshew shipped away to garner a taste for cheesesteaks in Philadelphia.

The first team offense was missing some pieces, and it still looked rather putrid under Lawrence through their first two games. Meyer dealt Minshew, and he was banking on Lawrence to make an impact in the team’s final exhibition game at Dallas Sunday.

Lawrence has an impressive showing in the Jaguars’ 34-14 victory, albeit playing against most of the Cowboys’ backups. It may have been playing in one of his games at Clemson.

Remember, though, a win is a win, no matter what. And your franchise player temporarily relieved your fears.

The rookie savior looked crisp and confident in his 11-for-12, 135-yard, two touchdown performance in spite of not having five of the Jags’ top lineman in front of him.

More importantly, it reassured both Meyer and Lawrence that the duo can do good things down the road.

Take the marker out and draw a red circle around Sept. 12… the opening game at Houston.

Picking up a win in the last preseason game usually is a fleeting feel-good moment.

This one can be pivotal. The Jags got their vaccine when they needed it.

Yet, Meyer and Lawrence both realized their expectations still need to be tempered. Don’t envision this team being a .500 team or making a playoff run. Still, It’s safe to say football will take one a different look in Jacksonville this fall. 

Meyer and Lawrence took a major step.

“The one thing about Trevor is that he’s played decently in all three games,” said the first-year head coach. “Preseason’s fairly new to me, and I’ve learned along the way., so I would judge the preseason as a success right now.”

Lawrence was in lockstep.

“It felt great out there,” said Lawrence. “I think we had a good game plan. But it’s all about execution. If everybody is on the same page, and everybody knows it, you are going to play well. We were all on the same page. We communicated well.

“So, just one step in the right direction. Gonna keep getting better. Now they are going to count for real. So, just putting everything together to get ready for Houston.” 

Meyer and his team have roughly 13 days to piece it all together, and it certainly won’t be whole.

They will need their share of Band-Aids that will need to stay tightened.

However, they gained a much-needed boost from their shining centerpiece.


The Jacksonville Jaguars have traded CB Sidney Jones IV to the Seattle Seahawks, the team announced today.

(Jeff Moeller covers the Jacksonville Jaguars for Jacksonville SportsDay)

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