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GREEN: Stay Cool with a Shipping Container Pool

(FLORIDA NEWS WIRE) – Shipping container pools have been making waves. Back in the summer of 2009, Brooklyn was abuzz about a secret pool party.

On the banks of Gowanus Canal, Macro-Sea, a developer of creative events and opportunities, connected three “newish” dumpsters (cleaned, lined in plastic, and installed with a filtration system) to create an invitation-only pool.

Sounds simple—and super fun. But there were “details to finesse,” according to an article in the New York Times.

“The coarse edges inside the containers were filed down, and underneath the liners, the bottoms were covered in sand, for soft landings,” the article explained.” Tightly packed sandbags double as benches along the walls, and pool toys and kid-friendliness provide an intentional counterpoint to the neighborhood grit. With brightly colored lanterns crisscrossing overhead and music piped in from an iPod connected to a boom-box, the feel is of a do-it-yourself urban oasis.”

Since then, other dumpster pools have popped up in New York City. And another mode for cooling off in a recycled or repurposed container has been floating into backyards, as well: swimming pools constructed from shipping containers. The Australian company aptly named Shipping Container Pools calls them a “complete all-in-one modular Pool for any Backyard.”

“We repurpose A-Grade containers that have been used to ship goods to Australia into brand new Shipping Container Pools because we believe an innovative design is a sustainable one,” the website states. And they are, in fact, pretty slick.

Whether embedded in a deck, mounted on pillars beside a deck or wall, extending dramatically out into the landscape, shipping containers provide an easy-to-install and economical alternative to traditional in- or above-ground swimming pools. Some even have transparent walls for the ultimate in “Mom watch me!” kid experience.

Installing a Shipping Container Pool
Modpools in Vancouver has installed more than 200 shipping container pools. They’re available in 8 x 20 feet or 8 x 40 feet and are designed to take advantage of the material and structural strength, as well as the portability, of shipping containers. In other words, just as shipping containers have become popular as a building shell in the world of sustainable home design, particularly when it comes to creating tiny homes, they’re now starting to take off as a sustainable swimming pool alternative.

Not only are container pools a prime example of upcycling—giving an object that’s already been constructed and used a new life—but many homeowners also like the industrial aesthetic of shipping containers.

Shipping container pools can also easily be relocated (regular in-ground pools are constructed to stay put), and they boast a small footprint. They can also be set up in minutes. As Modpool’s general manager Sammy Diab explained to New Atlas, “What we mean when we say it can be set up in minutes is that it delivers as fully functional, so all the plumbing, heating and electrical are all built into the pool. So once you lay it on the foundations, you make two service connections, which are just your gas connection and an electrical plug. And once you fill it with water, it is ready to go.”

Some shipping container pools have windows (as mentioned above). A divider can be installed to create a Jacuzzi. They can also come with color-changing LEDs, or a natural gas or propane heater for year-round use, both of which can be controlled with a smartphone app.

Shipping container pools don’t have a lot of parts, unlike traditional pools. They don’t require digging, molding, or curing. They can also double at hot tubs. Prices range from about $16,500 to $39,900, depending on the size (HomeAdvisor notes that an average in-ground pool can cost from $35,883 to $62,882).

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