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FLAGLER NOTES: Tribute to a Retiring Steve Voguit

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. — Everywhere Steve Voguit has gone, he has left his mark.

From a 30-year career as a high school teacher in Pennsylvania to his 20-year stint at Flagler College, Voguit has been dedicated to his craft while using his calling to impact the lives surrounding it.

“I had many opportunities to watch Steve interact with the Flagler College students, athletes, faculty, and staff, “former Flagler College men’s golf coach Don Robbins (1998-2007) said. “His warmth, kindness, and caring never wavered, regardless of the individual. Steve’s ability to make such close personal connections is truly exceptional and was and will continue to be a benefit to all. Steve Voguit makes the world a better place; I feel fortunate to know him.”

In 1969, Voguit, who earned his M.Ed. and B.S. degrees from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, began his journey as an educator and a husband in the state he spent his college days.

Alongside his wife of 50 years, Ellen, he would spend 30 years teaching, coaching, and raising his family before retiring in 1999 and venturing down to St. Augustine, Florida, where their son, Steven, played golf and graduated in 2000 from Flagler College.

The longtime educator couldn’t stay away from the classroom for long. Within a year of retiring from his award-winning career upstate, which also included an adjunct position at Alvernia College, Voguit was back in his comfort zone. Beginning his career at Flagler College in 2000, he was an adjunct professor in the fall of that year in the Education Department before moving into the Social Sciences Department, which is known as Humanities now, the next semester.

“When I think of Steve, I think of the word ‘class,'” said former 31-year Flagler College head men’s basketball coach Bo Clark. “Steve is a dear friend and his loyalty to Flagler College was second-to-none. He is what Flagler College is all about … the dedication, the devotion, and the tremendous integrity. Steve will be hard to replace. He is Flagler’s Lou Gehrig.

“I remember the many times he attended our basketball games both home and away. Many years, he drove to Daytona Beach or Orlando to watch us play Embry-Riddle or Rollins and support his Saints. I will never forget his kind encouragement, contagious enthusiasm, and passion for Flagler College and Saints’ athletics. All three of my sons played basketball for me and proudly graduated from Flagler. All three said that ‘Dr. Voguit was the best teacher they had.’ You are a true legend!! Thank you, Steve.”

Voguit served in an adjunct role while being an assistant men’s golf coach from 2001-05 under Don Robbins. In the fall of 2005, Voguit transitioned into a full-time faculty status, teaching history and human geography. He was a three-time Flagler College SGA Faculty Member of the Year Award recipient, winning in 2006, 2007, and 2008, while also receiving the Flagler College Kappa Delta Pi Outstanding Educator Award.

After the Flagler Athletics Department made the announcement of its planned transition from the NAIA to Division II in 2006, then President Dr. William Abare, Jr., said he was asked to appoint someone as the NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative and did in January of 2008.

That someone was Voguit as he took on the responsibility and served as the very first FAR and the only one Flagler College has had since joining Division II play. Voguit’s commitment in the classroom shifted to the playing fields and surfaces across Flagler College Athletics, displaying his support and forever leaving an imprint on those he came into contact with.

“He could always be seen at games supporting our student-athletes — just a kind, kind person,” President of Flagler College Dr. Joseph Joyner said. “He did so many things behind the scenes to help students succeed, both in internships and getting them jobs. He’s such a humble man that he would never speak of it and you find out these things later about what Steve has done. I think, and I’ve said this before, of all the professors we’ve had, Steve really was just someone who exemplified what a Flagler College professor was.

(Lauren Moore is Athletics Communications Coordinator at Flagler College.)

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