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Bonts: Coughlin Takes Fall for Jaguars Faults, Failures

JACKSONVILLE – Fourteen games into the 2019 NFL season the Jacksonville Jaguars have finally figured out what has been wrong over the past two losing seasons.

Tom Coughlin.

He can’t pass. He can’t catch. He can’t run. He can’t block. He runs the wrong routes. He keeps getting injured. He makes in-game, bone-head coaching decisions. He has sideline temper tantrums. He is not prepared mentally or physically for game day.

Oh, my God. It’s been Tom all along.

Problem solved. Coughlin was fired as vice-president of football operations.

The first head coach of the expansion Jaguars, he was the head coach for the New York Giants for 12 seasons. He led the Giants to victory in Super Bowl XLII and Super Bowl XLVI.

Jacksonville isn’t allowed to host another Super Bowl, much less play in one.

Anyone who has covered the NFL and Tom Coughlin for longer than five minutes knows his MO. It’s stamped on his forehead. And in his heart.

Discipline. High standard of performance and conduct. Respect for the game.

It’s a foundation for success that unfortunately may have seen its day in the NFL.

Apparently it has with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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