Jacksonville Sports Day

Jumbo Shrimp Praise Congressional Report to Save Minor League Baseball

JACKSONVILLE – The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Thursday praised the newly created Save Minor League Baseball Task Force that has been organized by members of Congress to prevent Major League Baseball (MLB) from eliminating 42 minor league franchises, nearly one quarter of all minor league teams around the country.

“We appreciate the support of Rep. Lori Trahan (D.-Massachusetts), David McKinley (R-W.Va.) and the members of the task force in standing up for Minor League Baseball and speaking out against MLB’s effort cast off thousands of jobs, reduce affordable, family-friendly entertainment and undermine grassroots support for our great game,” said general manager Harold Craw. “While we have a wonderful relationship with the City of Jacksonville, as well as our MLB affiliates, the Miami Marlins, we want to support our sister clubs who equally provide great value to their communities.”

While the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp were not on the list of teams facing the possibility of elimination under the MLB proposal, the Jumbo Shrimp will remain vigilant and united with all Minor League Baseball teams in opposition to the MLB plan.

Minor league teams are vital to the social and economic lives of millions of Americans; they support scores of local businesses and jobs, provide accessible entertainment, help promote tourism spending and donate tens of millions of dollars in charitable contributions.

“With this proposal, MLB is willing to break the hearts of dozens of communities across the country,” Craw said. “We are going to resist this plan and are gratified that so many in Congress are willing to join with us.”

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