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ARENA: Jacksonville Sharks Season Ends on the Road

JACKSONVILLE- The Jacksonville Sharks (10-7) did not meet the expectations in the first round of the NAL Playoffs, losing to the Carolina Cobras (11-5) 73-48.

Sharks played two quarterbacks, as Patrick McCain was the starter. McCain played in the majority of the first half before being backed up by Danny Southwick. McCain was 19-of-32 for 233 yards, six touchdowns, and one interception. Southwick was 5-of-8 for 42 yards, one touchdown, and one interception.

The top receiver was Trevor Kennedy for the Sharks. He racked up 11 receptions for 114 yards, three touchdowns, and successfully rushed for one yard on a two-point conversion attempt.

Cody Saul had a great game with five receptions for 88 yards and three touchdowns. Saul also made a two yard catch on a two-point conversion. Tom Gilson caught six passes for 47 yards and one touchdown. Jenson Stoshak made one catch for six yards.

Tight End Glen Haisley caught the ball two times for 14 yards. Fullback Derrick Ross rushed five times for 32 yards. He made one catch for six yards.

Throughout the game, Jacksonville suffered from 19 penalties for 139 yards.

The Sharks kicked off to start the game. The Cobras wasted no time to score, having two touchdowns, one deuce, and one field goal in the first half. The Sharks didn’t get started until the second quarter, where they scored seven points.

The only points scored by Jacksonville in the first half was from Southwick to Saul for 18 yards. The Cobras dominated the first half, picking out every single flaw on the Sharks. The score going into halftime was 7-39 with the Sharks down by 32 points.

The Sharks picked things up in the second half, almost instantly, as Ross had a couple rushes for a combined 18 yards and another 10 yards from a Cobras penalty. This set Jacksonville up to score on a three yard pass from McCain to Kennedy.

A failed two-point conversion put the score at 13-39 with the Sharks slowly decreasing the Cobras lead. The Sharks and Cobras exchanged touchdowns and the Sharks recovered an onside kick. This also gave the Sharks the perfect opportunity to score.

They did just that, as McCain aired the ball to Saul for a 30 yard touchdown. A Cobras touchdown didn’t help the Sharks in the second half, but what did help the Sharks was another 30-yard bomb to Saul on the next drive.

Going into the fourth quarter, the Sharks were down 32-60. The Sharks outscored the Cobras 25-21. The Sharks didn’t have the fourth quarter they were hoping to have, turning the ball over on downs, followed by a double-unsportsmanlike penalty.

This penalty ultimately ejected Defensive Back Marvin Ross and gave Fullback Derrick Ross a warning. To end the game, the Sharks and Cobras exchanged two touchdowns and the Cobras finished it off with a touchdown to increase their lead. The game came to an end with an embarrassing 73-48 score.

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