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Seely: NASCAR Isn’t Rigged, One Veteran Observer’s Opinion

True or false: Cup racing isn’t rigged.

Anyone out there say “False?” Uh, we’re still listening…no one says it isn’t rigged?

Not now, not after:

a) Austin Dillon wins the Daytona 500 in the No. 3 car and, b) NASCAR’s desperate effort to have “diversity” puts a reasonably inexperienced driver in a so-so car, and they finish second.

Let me be a lone voice. It isn’t rigged. I can’t prove that and yes, there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence out there.

But this isn’t the 1950’s, when shenanigans routinely were carried on as Bill France Sr. and his small group of trusted advisors plotted to produce outcomes that would promote the new sport.

The best known was “The call.” A phone call would be made to a crew chief before a race and nothing overt was said, but there was always the understanding that the inspectors would be lenient in some area.

Perhaps the car’s weight wouldn’t be checked, or perhaps the fuel tank might slip by with as few gallons too many.

Any race car mechanic can tell you other ways, maybe dozens of ways.

But those were different times, when the media pretty much ignored the sport except the Southern media, which was part and parcel of the game.

Could NASCAR get away with it today? Something as blatant as the No. 3 winning with the Black Bubba second?

Naw, they couldn’t.

That would be as difficult as claiming that Danica Patrick won the Daytona 500 pole position without some sneaky help.

That couldn’t happen, could it?

Ummmm…Daytona 500, 2013. She did.

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