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SEELY: Coughlin Makes Giants’ Honor Roll, Not so in Jacksonville

At least Tom Coughlin’s stay with the New York Giants ended with a little love. Out he went as coach, in he’s going as a member of the team’s Ring of Honor.

Not so in Jacksonville, where he coached from 1995-2002 and had a significant accomplishment: he took a second-year expansion team to the conference championship game. That’s not two Super Bowls, Iike in New York, but it’s nearly as astonishing.

But, no mention of Coughlin on the Jaguars’ honor list, which is called Pride of the Jaguars. So far, it contains an offensive tackle, a quarterback and the man and wife who were the original team owners and who gave Coughlin his shove out this door.

The team will add a name this year: Jimmy Smith, who holds almost every receiving record but unfortunately is best known for the issues related to drug addiction — i.e., rehab and arrests.

No Coughlin, whose prickly personality helped him become a wonderful coach but whose personality causes many to leave the -ly of the adjective.

More thoughts:
• Professional golf continues to make itself look foolish by acting like its rule book is some sort of tablet brought down from a mountain. It also is making its competitors gunshy, fearing they’ll be branded as cheaters because they didn’t notice something untoward happening.

Look, USGA and PGA, this isn’t Lance Armstrong out there. Take their word. If they ask for help, give it to them. And, if you’re really serious, do what other professional sports do: get a well-paid umpiring staff and let them run it. It’s hard to believe that some guy from a regional golf association can go out and call down a professional golfer, like what happened in the U.S. Open. This is a game of honor. Quit treating people like they’re dishonorable. While you’re at it, tell the drunks to quit calling in with what they think are rules infractions.

• Lot of new faces coming at the PGA Tour. Commissioner Tim Finchem is a lame duck with the official retirement come soon, and handpicked successor Jay Monohan is already getting his team in place while breaking a few eggs as he makes his omelet. Don’t know if the new regime will be better or worse, but do know that it will be happier. Monohan smiles; Finchem doesn’t.

• The Olympics? TV programming, that’s all. Quit waving your flag.

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